So you want to get a hair transplant, but you may be feeling unsure of which one of the myriad of available options will garner you the greatest results. This post will help you discover the greatest benefits of natural hair transplants so you can determine if it’s the right choice for you.

What is a Natural Hair Transplant?

At our facility, we use the FUE, or follicular unit extraction. This method works by extracting the hair that’s located on the back of the scalp and transplanting it to the desired balding areas. Since the hair in this area most resembles the lost hair in the thinning spots, it’s the ideal location for our advanced system to quickly and precisely remove large clusters of hair follicles.

The most natural-looking results come from using the hair located at the back of the scalp for the transplant since it most closely resembles the hair that you have lost. Once the donor follicles are removed, the implantation will take place. Once they’re inserted, the skin will begin to heal and the follicles will take root and begin to produce hair.

Once the donor areas heal, the hair will grow back, covering up the small post-procedure mark on the scalp. Thanks to the FUE’s advanced technology, you won’t be left with any linear marks that one would expect from a traditional hair transplant. Instead, patients are free to wear their hair short without worrying about any protruding scars.

Benefits of a Natural Hair Transplant

  • Safe: No harmful medications are needed to grow back your hair
  • Permanent: No need for temporary toupees
  • No large scars: The lack of incisions or staples in this procedure mean that you won’t have any large protruding scars
  • Speedy: This procedure treats large areas, maximizing efforts and reducing treatment time.
  • Efficient: New technology advancements allow for thousands of follicles to be transplanted at each take during the quick FUE procedure.
  • Precise: Grafts are more accurate than ever, ensuring more accurate hair transplantation.
  • Natural looking: The transplant utilizes your own hair for natural & seamless results.
  • Cost effective: Lower costs than what you’ll find with manual FUE or FUSS procedures.
  • Modern: Unlike older hair transplantation methods, the advanced FUE technique doesn’t create linear scarring.
  • Fast hair growth: 60% of our patients have noticed new hair growth within six to nine months of the procedure.

Hair Replacement vs Hair Transplant

Hair Replacement

A hair replacement involves a collection of human or synthetic hair that is attached to your scalp. The hair piece can either be weaved into the patient’s existing hair or attached directly onto the scalp. This can be an attractive option for anyone who is looking for more of a temporary solution to hair loss that doesn’t involve any surgery.

Hair Transplant

With the FUE, your natural hair is extracted and transplanted to balding areas around your head. This quick, innovative procedure has been helping both men and women regain their own healthy set of hair through the rapid and precise technology. This is the ideal option for men and women who are looking for a permanent solution to address their hair loss concerns.

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