Whether you have ever given birth to children or not, we all know that pregnancy causes many changes in the body. There is all of the stretching and loosening of joints that have to happen, there is the weight gain, and there are even hormonal and chemical changes that can alter how the body behaves. As an example, the woman who once had very elastic skin may find hormones causing stretch marks, lines, and wrinkles. The woman who enjoyed a cellulite free existence may find they cannot eliminate pockets of fat after childbirth. The good news is that the “mommy makeover” can help with many of these issues.

As its very name implies, the Mommy Makeover addresses certain issues that pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood may cause to occur. However, as no two people are alike, your Mommy Makeover is going to be entirely customized to your needs and your personal goals. Whether you want to get back your pre-baby body or you are just looking to feel better about certain areas, you can work with us at Personique in Austin to map out the ideal program of modern and innovative treatments.

It is not at all unusual for the Mommy Makeover to include such treatments as breast lifts, tummy tucks, breast augmentation or reduction and liposuction in the hips, legs, arms, lower back and thigh areas. Yet, in addition to such recognizable and common forms of plastic surgery, a Mommy Makeover might also include vaginal rejuvenation using such advanced treatments as Votiva.

Are You a Good Candidate?

While many women looking to make changes after childbirth has altered their bodies require the treatments identified above, there are also some good questions to ask yourself about candidacy for such a makeover.

For example, those who are still breastfeeding should wait until a child is weaned before having any breast treatments done.

Additionally, you will want to discuss your current diet and exercise regimen with your medical team to discover if there are some changes you should make. It is also important to let them know about your regular routine, as this can help them steer you towards the more effective solutions. As an illustration of that, you might have been dieting and exercising, and losing weight gained during pregnancy. However, you might have sagging skin that won’t budge, and this is treated differently than pockets of fat due to cellulite.

You should also consider your lifestyle. Maybe you are going to need a bit of downtime to get one or more of the Mommy Makeover treatments? Maybe you will want to hold off until you have shed just a few more pounds. The good news is that almost any woman who has to wait for a Mommy Makeover also eventually reaches a point where they are an ideal candidate for such customized care.

The First Steps

If you have given birth and are unhappy with some of the changes it made to your body, you don’t have to resign yourself to them. Get in touch with the team at Personique and book your free consultation. We can review your goals, concerns, and issues and help you plan for the best makeover possible.

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