The winter months are not exactly the very best for our skin, especially aging skin. No matter the condition of your skin, however, the dryness, harsh sunlight and unpredictable conditions of winter months can really wreak havoc. And even if your skin fares well during the season, you can still start to feel a bit of the “blahs” as the season seems to drag on. And though you might feel tired or irritable, those seasonal issues also often show up on the skin, and so it is a great idea to consider some simple skincare solutions for the coming spring. One of the most beneficial is a chemical peel.

Understand the Chemical Peel

Many people are a bit confused about the benefits of a chemical peel, and believe it is a treatment only for specific conditions. It is, in fact, a wonderful treatment that can minimize the unwelcome effects of aging. Those fine lines or wrinkles that developed over the winter months, the bouts of acne that flourished after changes in your diet during the holidays, or even some pigmentation issues that have emerged can all be addressed with a chemical peel.

It, essentially, removes the uppermost layer of unhealthy skin cells and causes your lower layer of skin to create healthier and more youthful skin.

We happily offer a free consultation to help you decide if you are a good candidate for the treatment. To get a peel would require a visit to the office, where our team will apply a local anesthetic to avoid any discomfort during the application of the peeling agent. We carefully brush it on the area to be treated and when it is completed, we remove the peel and cover the area for your comfort and healing.

You will start to feel the improvements within 24 hours of your treatment, but you need to treat the skin with care as it heals. We give you the appropriate balms to apply to the treated skin to ensure the best results. There is healing involved, and your skin may even form a thin crust as the new skin forms. We also recommend avoiding prolonged sun exposure for a few weeks, and this is why the end of winter is the perfect time to have a chemical peel treatment.

Healing, however, only lasts a few weeks and soon you will look like you always do with the one caveat that your skin is going to improve in appearance as the days pass. This is because your skin is regenerating to a more youthful, plump and healthy condition.

What sort of improvements will you see? You will see acne scars reduced, skin texture improved, pores reduced in size, pigmentation issues adjusted, sun damage corrected, and those unwelcome lines and wrinkles diminished. Laxity in the skin may be reduced, too and you will look and feel as fresh as a daisy, just in time for spring.

If you are eager to find out more about a chemical peel, our advanced chemical peels, or other skincare treatments perfect for the end of winter, use our online contact form or give us a call at (512) 459-6800.

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