Now that we are well into the new year, it is a good time to see if you have stuck to your resolutions. If they involved weight loss or fitness, it is a great time to consider where you are in terms of those goals. Did you stay on track? Did you shed unwanted pounds? Have you stuck with the workout regimen? And if so, are you still struggling to get rid of pockets of cellulite or unwanted fat? If so, don’t despair. There are body contouring and cellulite reduction services at Personique that can help you hit those goals, end your frustrations, and look as you had hoped just in time for spring.

Non-Invasive Cellulite Reduction

One of the toughest things to deal with, where our appearance is concerned, is cellulite. After all, you can be as fit as a movie star or athlete and still have it accumulated in different parts of the body. It is simply that the small deposits of fat you might have on different areas of the body are pushing against the connective tissue beneath the skin, and it is this action that causes that bumpiness and orange peel-like texture.

Because we can train and lose weight but cannot force the body to remove stored fat from the areas that bother us most, it can seem as if the battle to erase cellulite is never-ending. The good news is that treatments such as those using the VelaShape device make it easier than imaginable to achieve cellulite reduction.

The way that it works is actually quite simple. The VelaShape system can provide cellulite reduction through its use of an RF or radiofrequency that targets fat cells and an IR or infrared light that heats the areas, too. It also has a gentle vacuum function that pulls lightly on the skin to ensure fat cells are exposed to the RF and IR. Mechanical rollers also massage the skin to ensure fat comes into closer contact with the energy sources.

You will feel as if someone is simply passing a smooth device over the skin, and it is only in the days and weeks after your treatments that you will see and feel the changes. The system causes the fat cells to break down and get absorbed into the body where they are then passed out of the body as waste. The system is able to shrink the area where cellulite is accumulating and in as little as four visits, you can see the overall volume reduced and texture improved.

It is also important to remember that when the cells of the skin are affected in a destructive way, as they are with VelaShape, it results in more than cellulite reduction. Your skin is going to enjoy better circulation, collagen is going to be created (giving the skin a more youthful look and feel), and cellulite may be permanently erased.

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