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So you want to get a hair transplant, but you may be feeling unsure of which one of the myriad of available options will garner you the greatest results. At Personique, we strive to provide our Hair Transplant patients in Austin, TX with some of the best, most satisfying results in the state. We have included some information below to help you discover the greatest benefits of natural hair transplants so you can determine if it’s the right choice for you.




At our facility, we use the FUE or follicular unit extraction. This method works by extracting the hair that’s located on the back of the scalp and transplanting it to the desired balding areas. Since the hair in this area most resembles the lost hair in the thinning spots, it’s the ideal location for our advanced system to quickly and precisely remove large clusters of hair follicles.

The most natural-looking results come from using the hair located at the back of the scalp for the transplant since it most closely resembles the hair that you have lost. Once the donor follicles are removed, implantation will take place. Once they’re inserted, the skin will begin to heal and the follicles will take root and begin to produce hair.

Once the donor areas heal, the hair will grow back, covering up the small post-procedure mark on the scalp. Thanks to FUE’s advanced technology, you won’t be left with any linear marks that one would expect from a traditional hair transplant. Instead, patients are free to wear their hair short without worrying about any protruding scars.



At Personique, we believe the best candidates for Hair Transplant surgery are those who:

  • Are interested in adding some hair to provide a more youthful appearance
  • Have been balding for many years but their pattern has stabilized
  • Have been losing their hair due to male pattern baldness for more than five years or have progressed to class 3 or beyond on the Norwood Scale
  • Lost hair due to trauma or burns
  • Maintain realistic expectations and understand that their hair loss can continue to progress, even after surgery (prescription medications can stop this progression, but is not guaranteed)

*At Personique we know that hair loss can affect either gender and we are more than happy to assist any male or female patient suffering from hair loss.


We have seen our Hair Transplant patients in Austin, TX enjoy the following benefits from their procedure:

  • Safe: No harmful medications are needed to grow back your hair
  • Permanent: No need for temporary toupees
  • No large scars: The lack of incisions or staples in this procedure means that you won’t have any large protruding scars
  • Speedy: This procedure treats large areas, maximizing efforts and reducing treatment time.
  • Efficient: New technology advancements allow for thousands of follicles to be transplanted at each take during the quick FUE procedure.
  • Precise: Grafts are more accurate than ever, ensuring more accurate hair transplantation.
  • Natural looking: The transplant utilizes your own hair for natural & seamless results.
  • Cost-effective: Lower costs than what you’ll find with manual FUE or FUSS procedures.
  • Modern: Unlike older hair transplantation methods, the advanced FUE technique doesn’t create linear scarring.
  • Fast hair growth: 60% of our patients have noticed new hair growth within six to nine months of the procedure.


If you are in the Austin area and feel you could benefit from a Hair Transplant, the first step is to contact our clinic and schedule your consultation. During this appointment, you will be able to meet with your plastic surgeon and discuss every question, concern, and goal you have with the hair transplant surgery. Your surgeon will ask you about your medical history and examine your hair to determine the best methods when creating your surgical plan. When discussing your medical history, we encourage you to be very open and honest as all the information helps make the best decisions and prevent unnecessary risks.

If you agree with the plan created for you, you will then speak with our Patient Coordinator to schedule the date and time of your surgery. You will also be given some instructions to follow before coming in so that you will have the most optimal surgery and recovery.



On the day of your Hair Transplant, the “donor area” will be trimmed short to about 1 – 2 mm in length so the grafts can be more easily accessed and removed. You will be placed under anesthesia so you have an easy and comfortable experience.

You will be in the prone position (flat on your stomach) on the operating table and your plastic surgeon will begin using a tool called a micro punch, scoring the back of your scalp’s skin containing the follicular unit. They will then use the dull side of this tool in the same area to twist loose the donor follicular unit. Their assistant will apply counter traction to help the punch penetrate the inside of your dermis.

Using forceps, the graft will gently be removed and preserved in a saline solution. Each graft will usually consist of 1 – 4 (rarely 5 or 6) hairs. This is a very time-consuming and tedious process but is incredibly important to be performed correctly.

Once the extraction is complete, your plastic surgeon will punch the grafts into the area your hair replacement is desired using a tube-like instrument in a strategic pattern.


After surgery, you will be able to return home to recover in comfort. The extent and complexity of your procedure will affect how you feel over the next few days. You will be prescribed pain medications to treat any aching, tightness, or throbbing, but you can expect to feel a little uncomfortable during the initial stages of recovery. You may have some temporary bandages wrapped around your head, but they will be able to be removed about a day later. After 2 days, you should be able to gently wash your hair, but you should always be extremely careful not to traumatize the grafts.

If you had any stitches, they will be removed in a few weeks. You should avoid any strenuous activity during this time as well to prevent excess blood flow. Your transplant hair will fall out 2 – 8 weeks after surgery, but this is completely normal and is nothing to worry about. Your new hair will begin to naturally grow out.

What’s the Difference Between Hair Replacement and Hair Transplant?

Hair Replacement: A hair replacement involves a collection of human or synthetic hair that is attached to your scalp. The hair piece can either be weaved into the patient’s existing hair or attached directly onto the scalp. This can be an attractive option for anyone who is looking for more of a temporary solution to hair loss that doesn’t involve any surgery.

Hair Transplant: With the FUE, your natural hair is extracted and transplanted to balding areas around your head. This quick, innovative procedure has been helping both men and women regain their own healthy set of hair through rapid and precise technology. This is the ideal option for men and women who are looking for a permanent solution to address their hair loss concerns.



The cost of a Hair Transplant in Austin will vary on many factors but will be primarily determined by your degree of baldness. When you meet with your plastic surgeon and they create your surgical plan, our Patient Coordinator will be able to show you a price breakdown for your treatment experience.

Why Choose Personique?

Personique has been providing Austin, TX with safe and respected results for over 40 years and our board-certified plastic surgeons are ready to give you the best care possible for your procedure. We have had over 50,000 satisfied patients since we began which is why we have become a trusted name among those who expect beautiful, natural-looking results. Our plastic surgeons have years of specialized training combined with decades of experience and are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care to every person that walks through our door.


Is a Hair Transplant painful?

Your Hair Transplant will be performed under local anesthesia so you won’t have any pain during your procedure, but you may experience some mild discomfort during the recovery. Your plastic surgeon will prescribe you some temporary pain medication to alleviate any pain you may feel during this time.

How many appointments will I need?

On average, many of our patients will require only 1 or 2 follow-up appointments, and they will usually be spaced several months apart.

How long until I see results?

Most patients will see results from their hair transplant procedure within 6 – 9 months, however, there have been instances where it takes a full year before the final results can be seen. Please keep in mind that the transplanted hair will fall out somewhere between 2 and 8 weeks, but this is to be expected and shouldn’t cause any concern.

Can I combine a Hair Transplant with other procedures?

Since they can regain a more youthful appearance with their Hair Transplant, many of our patients will add other rejuvenating procedures to enhance their looks, such as Chin Surgery or even non-surgical options like BOTOX or Dermal Fillers. If you are interested in achieving a particular aesthetic goal, please discuss it with your plastic surgeon during your consultation. They will be able to use their expertise to make the best suggestions for you.

What are the risks associated with a Hair Transplant?

A Hair Transplant is a mostly safe procedure with a very minimal chance for complications, however, like any other surgery, there is potential for certain risks or side effects, such as:

Dissatisfaction related to the procedure’s outcome
Graft failure (very rare)
Postoperative pain
Skin necrosis
Wound dehiscence

If you do experience any long-lasting or concerning reactions during your recovery, please contact our office immediately.



At our Austin, Texas clinic, we have a professional hair transplantation specialist who treats hair loss from any number of different conditions, including male pattern baldness. To get back to a full head of natural, healthy hair, and all the confidence that comes with it, we encourage you to give us a call today at (512) 459-6800 or send us an email now!

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