Cheek Augmentation

Cheek Augmentation in Austin is performed at Personique®’s state-of-the-art center, using only the latest techniques. Details about the procedure vary according to each individual’s needs, but if you’ve been desiring more volume in the cheeks, this tailored procedure might be right for you. Our expert team of surgeons strives to deliver the best and most comfortable cheek augmentation results in Austin. Below, we’ve included our guide to the procedure. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us today!


The cheeks you’ve dreamed of

WHAT IS cheek augmentation?

The cheek implant procedure takes about an hour to perform. If other procedures are being performed, the time may fluctuate. Just as it sounds, during a cheek implant a filler is inserted in the cheek area to create more contour and balance in the face. Individuals who undergo this procedure are pleased with the results, boosting their confidence and self-esteem.



There are multiple benefits that come with Cheek Augmentation! Below, we have listed just a few that our Austin patients have been able to enjoy:

  • Available for anyone
  • Controllable and predictable results
  • Improved facial symmetry
  • Minimal surgical risks
  • Permanent results
  • Reduced signs of aging
  • Safe, biocompatible materials are used

Who are the Best Candidates for CHEEK AUGMENTATION?

The best candidates for Cheek Augmentation in Austin, TX are those who are looking to alter the following about their cheeks:

  • Have flat or deflated cheeks
  • Loss of volume due to aging 
  • Not symmetrical
  • They appear hollow

In addition to the cosmetic reasons you would be a good candidate, you should also be: 

  • A nonsmoker
  • In overall good health
  • Not currently suffering from any chronic conditions
  • Positive with realistic goals regarding the outcome of the surgery


If you feel that Cheek Augmentation is a great step forward for you, then the first thing you should do is contact our office for a consultation. During this appointment, the plastic surgeon will be able to examine your cheeks, answer any questions you may have and listen to your aesthetic goals, and also discuss your medical history. When talking about your history, you should be open and honest with your surgeon. Everything is kept confidential and your clarity allows the doctor to make the most informed decisions when creating your surgical plan as well as prevent any potential risks that may arise during recovery.

If you agree with the evaluation and plan, then you will meet with our Patient Coordinator who will schedule your surgical date, and provide you with instructions you should follow leading up to it.



The cheek implant procedure takes about an hour. If other procedures are being performed, the time may fluctuate. Just as it sounds, during a cheek implant a filler is inserted in the cheek area to create more contour and balance in the face. Individuals that undergo this type of procedure are pleased with the results, boosting their confidence and self-esteem.

*If additional surgeries are scheduled, then the incisions made will serve more than one purpose. For example, if eye surgery will be done, then the implants can be inserted via the lower eyelid. If no additional surgery is scheduled, the implant may be inserted via an incision done inside the upper lip.


It’s expected that discomfort, swelling, and discoloration will be experienced after surgery. Smiling and eating for the first few days may be difficult. These symptoms and swelling will dissipate within approximately 10 to 15 days. Our professional team will help you during your recovery, detailing specific instructions to follow. Our staff will also schedule post-surgical visits so our physicians can follow your progress.



The cost of Cheek Augmentation in Austin will vary on several factors, such as which technique is being performed and what sort of implant will be used. When you come in for your consultation and discuss your goals with your doctor, they will create a customized plan which will include the pricing broken down to give you a better understanding of your surgery.

Why Choose Personique?

When you choose Personique for your Cheek Augmentation surgery, you are joining over 50,000 other satisfied patients from over 40 years of quality work in the Austin, TX area. Each one of our board-certified plastic surgeons has an accessible demeanor and a level of personal compassion that are essential to achieving remarkable results which are tailored to each patient’s individual goals. We value the humanistic element of every procedure and are aware that your enhancement decisions can not only improve your appearance, but also your quality of life. Our goal is to continue to exceed expectations and help you find self-confidence in your appearance.

Cheek Augmentation FAQs

Is Cheek Augmentation painful?

Most patients will feel a stretched or tightened sensation in their cheeks following surgery. While this should subside in about a week, it can be easily managed with pain medication.

How many appointments will I need?

The average Cheek Augmentation patient will need to return about a week following their surgery for a check-up, and then 1 or 2 more further down the road. During your initial follow-up appointment, your doctor will assess the outcome of your surgery and ensure you are on your way to a healthy recovery. At the end of this meeting, you will be given a recommended time to come back, if at all.

How long until I see results?

While you will be able to notice some changes in your appearance immediately following surgery, there will be some swelling and bruising that you can expect. After about 6 weeks, your face should be very close to the final results if not completely there.

Can I combine Cheek Augmentation with other procedures?

Absolutely! The more common procedures that our Austin patients combine with their Cheek Augmentation are other facial rejuvenation surgeries, such as a Facelift or Blepharoplasty, but it can also be combined with other facial contouring procedures such as Kybella or Dermal Fillers. If you have any specific areas that you are looking to improve, please discuss them with your doctor during your consultation for their expert recommendations.

What are the risks associated with Cheek Augmentation?

Every surgical procedure has certain risks or side effects associated with it, and Cheek Augmentation is no different. While our surgeons take pride in providing the best and most consistent results in Austin, these are the following potential risks with cheek augmentation:

  • Anesthesia risks
  • Asymmetry
  • Bleeding
  • Blindness (very rare)
  • Cheek implant displacement
  • Deep vein thrombosis, cardiac and pulmonary complications
  • Fatty cysts
  • Fatty tissue found deep in the skin might die (fat necrosis)
  • Fluid accumulation (seroma)
  • Hematoma
  • Infection
  • Lumpiness
  • Numbness or other changes in skin sensation
  • Persistent pain
  • Poor aesthetic result of donor site for fat transfer
  • Poor healing of incisions
  • Possibility of revisional surgery
  • Skin discoloration and/or prolonged swelling
  • Skin loss
  • Suboptimal aesthetic result
  • Thick scar tissue around cheek implant (capsular contracture)
  • Unfavorable scarring

If you are experiencing any of the previously mentioned side effects or have concerns during your recovery, please get in touch with someone at our office as soon as possible.



If you are in the Austin area and wish to fill out your face with Cheek Augmentation, we highly encourage you to schedule your one-on-one consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons. You can request a consultation through our website or call us at 512-459-6800. Our team is excited to meet and work with you to create a rounder, more aesthetically pleasing look!

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