Hair removal in any form is not a source of comfort or pleasure. But between the most popular options available today, which is the most comfortable?

Shaving vs. Laser Removal

Shaving with a razor is only a short-term fix that results in quick regrowth. This happens so quickly that it often becomes necessary to take the time to shave on a daily basis to avoid thick and embarrassing stubble.

Taking care of unwanted hair consumes an average of 72 days of throughout a woman’s lifetime. Women who are tired of wasting their time with this mundane task turn to laser hair removal to change all that. Hair stops growing back just after a series of rapid sessions, saving time eliminating the hair removal hassle for good.

Waxing vs. Laser Removal

Before laser, many turned to waxing to deal with their unwanted hair. Compared to shaving, this option lasts longer and doesn’t result in thick stubble. This benefit comes at a high price and high level of discomfort; a recent study revealed that the average woman spends between $9,000 to $30,000 in a lifetime, depending on her preference for shaving or waxing.

Besides the high cost, there is also the notorious pain that comes with waxing. Ripping the hairs from their follicles in sensitive areas is no easy feat, and this uncomfortable process has to be repeated monthly to maintain it. With laser hair removal, men and women are offered a permanent solution to this struggle. Each pulse of the laser targets many hairs at once in only a fraction of a second. In terms of pain, many patients feel that laser is actually less painful than waxing. After the first session, the hairs become thinner and each treatment after that has less discomfort. Patients experience permanent hair loss after three to seven sessions.

Dealing With Discomfort

Most hair removal lasers are equipped with a helpful cooling device that provides a chilling sensation that protects skin from the heat and eases the discomfort of the treatments. However, for patients who are more sensitive to pain, there are additional options such as topical creams and medications.

Topical Creams & Medications

  • The feeling of laser hair removal is compared to snapping a rubber band on the skin. For those who are sensitive to the treatment, many physicians offer to apply a topical anesthetic to reduce discomfort.
  • Physicians also suggest that patients take a pain reliever before their session to desensitize their skin.

Pain Decreases As Hair Thins

Essentially, the majority of laser hair removal machines are the most effective on light skin and dark hair, since the contrast makes it easier for the machine to locate and target the follicles. Although this makes the treatment more efficient, it can involve more discomfort at first. Thankfully, after the first couple sessions, most patients report the pain levels significantly decrease as the hairs become thinner. Laser treatments are much quicker than waxing or shaving and each treatment brings patients closer to permanent results.

Right For You?

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