Choosing to have breast augmentation is an exciting decision for many people, but there are often many questions that need to be answered first. Like any other surgery, all breast augmentation recovery times can differ from one person to the next. There are many reasons for this, including:

  • The method used for your implants
  • Your natural healing time
  • The aftercare needed
  • How willing you are to take it easy

These are just some of the reasons that it can take someone more or less time to go back to work after breast augmentation. Here are some general time lines to keep in mind:

  • Most surgeons do recommend that you take it easy for six weeks after a procedure. This means no heavy lifting, and no strenuous activity.
  • Most patients can go back to work after breast augmentation before two weeks’ time, although that can vary.
  • Many patients can go back to work after breast augmentation in just a couple of days, although this is not true for every patient.

At Personique, we utilize many tools and techniques to help minimize your recovery time. We know that you want to go back to work as soon as you can, and we strive to help you get back to your daily activities very soon. We use methods and tools such as:

  • Innovative implant techniques
  • Careful and comprehensive post-surgical care
  • Pain relief treatment to help you stay comfortable as you rest

Through these methods, and providing your body heals quickly, you can be back to work and your daily activities within just a couple of weeks in most cases.

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