If you are sick, or you break a bone, you visit a doctor. So why do so many of us try to get ourselves into good health by losing weight without ever seeing a professional? Weight loss can have a huge impact on the health, which means that it is definitely something your doctor can help with. Medical weight loss is something that many of us never consider, but can be very helpful for those who have struggled to lose body fat. What is medical weight loss?

What Medical Weight Loss Is Not

Medical weight loss does not mean having surgery or using weight loss pills. Although these things could be included in your program as determined by your doctor, medical weight loss programs are not the same as fad diets or quick fixes. These are entire programs, designed by your doctor, who uses the latest in medical science to determine what will help you lose the weight. Whether you want to drop a significant number of pounds, or you are struggling with the final few pounds, this highly individual program will be designed to target your desired outcome.

Why See a Doctor?

Being overweight can have a significant impact on your health. In fact, once your BMI is over 30, your risk for diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, sleep apnea, cancer, and other diseases increases exponentially. Your doctor wants to keep you healthy. Instead of focusing on how they can help you achieve a certain look quickly, like a personal trainer might do, they focus on how to get you to the optimal health quickly.

Medical Weight Loss for Women

Medical weight loss programs for men and women will differ. For female patients, a medical weight loss program in Austin may include hormone treatments, multi-vitamins meant to target female health concerns, customized diet and exercise plans, and more. Specifically, women can expect that a medical weight loss program will pay attention to things like menopause or previous pregnancies, as well as other hormonal and lifestyle concerns that cause weight gain in women.

Medical Weight Loss for Men

Men are not often as informed about how their hormones can change as they age. If you are a man and have been struggling with weight gain over the years, you could be having an issue with testosterone production. By seeking a medical weight loss solution specifically for men, you will be monitored for hormone production as well as given the customized diet and exercise plans that you need to tackle the weight. This plan will also take into account any previous injuries or health issues that could be contributing to your weight gain.

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