BodyTite™ is a leading brand of energy-assisted liposuction which uses cutting-edge technology to eliminate stubborn fat, smooth cellulite, and re-contour the body.

In addition to removing excess fat, BodyTite™ can also provide significant skin contraction, a benefit not attainable with traditional liposuction. Learn more below and determine if BodyTite™ is right for you!

Similarities With Other Liposuction Procedures

BodyTite™ is similar to other varieties of liposuction in many senses. As with all liposuction, the goal is to remove fat in unwanted areas of the patient’s choosing. Just like a regular liposuction, BodyTite™ also employs the use of a cannula, a thin tube, to remove the stubborn pockets of fat.

What’s the Difference Between BodyTite & Other Similar Procedures?

Unlike a regular liposuction procedure, BodyTite™ adds radiofrequency energy to the treatment which diminishes the patient’s fat. Thanks to the radiofrequency, the melted fat is easier AND FASTER to remove, swelling and discomfort are minimized, and the tissue of the skin becomes tightener and firmer.

After countless diets and attempts at sculpting our bodies with exercise, there always seems to be stubborn areas of unwanted fat that are resistant to change. For anyone who is ready for a real improvement, a body contouring procedure is an effective way to create a toner, leaner physique. But major surgeries are never ideal. That’s why BodyTite™ is the latest minimally invasive procedure that offers dramatic body contouring results with faster recovery times and more precise fat removal.

How it Works

BodyTite™ helps patients slim down and reduce fat without large, unwanted scars or a long downtime. This procedure is ideal for men and women who are looking to remove stubborn pockets of fat with quick healing, tighter skin, amazing results, and a fast recovery without the need for any dangerous major surgeries.

Great for Recent Mothers & Large Weight Loss

BodyTite™ can be especially rewarding for recent mothers. Since pregnancy can take a toll on the body and severely stretch out the skin, the skin tightening benefits of this procedure can be a great compliment to the fat removal. In many cases, BodyTite™ can flatten and tone the abdominals to such an extent that it can replace the need for a tummy tuck surgery.

For men and women who have recently lost a large amount of weight, BodyTite™ is an effective solution to remove remaining excess fat as well as smooth and tone any sagging skin around the body.

BodyTite™ delivers results that were once only possible by undergoing extensive surgical procedures. With controlled heating, BodyTite™ is able to effectively target and treat different areas via radiofrequency to slim down and contour the body. Whether its to slim down flabby arms, shrink the waistline, smooth out a “muffin top,” or shed some pounds off the thighs, this leading technology creates quick results that leave patients feeling more confident than ever.

This radiofrequency assisted lipolysis technology works to:

  • contour and lift all areas of the body, including the breasts, abdominal, neck, thighs, arms, knees, and face.
  • deliver results without leaving the patient with large scars and excisions
  • offer similar results as a surgical procedure, only with minimal incisions and a speedy recovery time
  • tighten the skin and underlying tissue
  • leave patients with dramatic results that instantly increases overall self-confidence

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